Bruno Toupry Director



        Bruno Toupry acquired his art and skills working with several Master Guilders in Paris and followed drawing courses at the Boulle School of Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage, Paris.
Following these studies and internships, Bruno established his own gilding studio workshop in 2005. He started his practice working on the restoration of polychrome and gilded 17th and 18th century furniture.

          Bruno Toupry’s passion for floral and symbolic subjects of 17th and 18th century French decorative arts started more than 20 years ago. His curiosity and willingness to understand this specific branch of French decorative arts led him to discover the origins of these ancient techniques. Bruno named his studio “Atelier du Nombre d’Or” or “Studio of the Golden Section” after the famous renaissance concept of “section aurea”.

        His studio is located in the “Cour de l’Industrie”, in the heart of the historic 11th district of Paris. His workshop forms part of an artistic and cultural development carried out by the Paris City Hall. As many as forty artists and artisans work in these premises and continue the century-old tradition of craftsmanship activities of this neighbourhood, historically known as the “Faubourg Saint-Antoine”.

       Bruno has worked for more than 20 years restoring gilt antique furniture and objects. His experience after handling numerous works of art contributed to deepen Bruno’s interest for sculptural details and architectural forms. Sculptured acanthus, oak and laurel leaves, friezes of scrolls and many other ornamentation details became part of Bruno’s daily work.

Atelier du nombre d'or restaure les dorures abimées.
Atelier du nombre d'or réalise des prototypes.
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